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Slides & Block Warehousing Service

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Slides & Block Warehousing

We are happy to announce that we entering in warehouse services, for storage of “Histopathology Slides and Blocks”. It is requirement of Domestically as well as Internationally in today’s world.

Federal law called CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) guides the regulation and certification of clinical labs. To be CLIA accredited, labs must keep human specimens for the minimum amount of time.

Cytology Slides for at least 10 Years

Histopathology Slides and Blocks for at least 10 years,

Many laboratories are maintaining the records in premises but due to space and more cost involvement even they unable to manage properly because of trained manpower. When patient ask for blocks or slides unable to give him on timely and many hurdles arise.

Warehouse optimization is key to the efficient operation of warehouse of all sizes. A disciplined process, warehouse optimization includes automation and determination of how to save cost, time, space and resources while reducing errors and timely availability of Blocks and Slides and customers satisfactions.

What We are offering services

We help reduce your business operating cost by implementing solution that will efficiently and effectively manage your organization’s resources like Productivity, Floor Space and information.

In turn this allows you to create a better environment to your employees to serve your customers quickly and with excellence

  • Organizing inventory and information to boost productivity and eliminate clutter
  • Improving accuracy and reducing errors
  • Establishing Systematic information systems to comply with regulations
  • Blocks and Slides records filing with Sr. No. with year
  • Pickup of slides and Blocks for storage
  • Delivery on time to patient or concern Lab
  • Computerized data easy to access for particular Slides and Blocks
  • CCTV, Insurance, 24 hrs security and services
  • Powder quoted slide filing racks

After 10 years destroying of blocks and slides as per FDA, Local authorities and CLIA rule and regulations

Documents records for all destroying slides and Blocks

Our Moto : Whether we are working in community near you OR one half way around the world, Our Mission remain the same to save patients and serve country

We specialize in warehousing for storage and filling systems to save and enhance the productivity of your workforce, providing you with best value of services based on your requirements

Contact us today on cell. No. 9702008908 our representative will work with you to make your facility more space efficient and personal support

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